La Pradera

A farmer picking coffee cherries at Finca La Pradera



About the Delgado Family

At La Pradera, Ildel Claudio Muñoz Delgado has been carefully working his farm for over 40 years, farming coffee since he was just 10 years old. Following in the footsteps of his Father, Ildel Claudio learned all he knew working alongside him, and out of his fathers 4 children, he was the only one who was interested in coffee farming.

Whilst the farm is still owned by his mother, at 79 years old she has delegated all responsibility to her son. Now with a family of his own, Ildel Claudio continues to teach the family trade to his own two children who have already started lending a hand at the coffee plantation, ensuring the La Pradera farm will continue to produce the highest quality coffee for years to come.

Ildel Claudio is renowned for his honey processing methods, which continue to produce complex, fruity cups. This is why we are excited to offer this coffee with notes of sweet citrus lime, rich toffee, and aromatic vanilla. Expect a moreish cup with a long lingering aftertaste, a subtle citrus fruit acidity and a balanced body.

Coffee Cherries at Finca La Pradera

La Pradera Coffee Process

This coffee has undergone extended fermentation time, spending 66 hours fermenting in sacks with the cherry still on pushing naturally occurring sugars into the green bean. Once the cherry has been removed, it has undergone a further 30 hours in a washed fermentation tank which cleans up the resulting cup to allow for more transparency in flavour.