La Jacoba




 A true homage to the produce of the Nariño region, this lot from La Jacoba is grown in nutrient rich mountainous soils. Vast forests, and abundant flowing springs accentuate the blossoming natural life found on this farm. Sun rich days, followed by cooler nights allow for slow development of the coffee cherries, allowing flavours to develop with greater complexity.

Partnering alongside these natural benefits, the Jacoba family are committed to sharing their knowledge of coffee growing practices with family, friends, and fellow farmers. This community orientated way of farming allows for crop quality to improve year on year as experience and knowledge are passed on.

La Jacoba Coffee Process

We are proudly offering this characteristic lot, which has been fermented for 48 hours allowing for the development of complex sugars and creating a smoother cup. Expect notes of bright red fruits, rich silky chocolate, as well as sweet caramel and aromatic vanilla.  Expect a beautifully sweet aftertaste, red apple acidity, and a satisfying medium body giving depth to the flavour.