About the Chimayoy Coffee

Chimayoy is grown in an expansive and diverse region of the Nariño hills, with the mountains reaching altitudes of 3000 metres above sea level. It is popular with hikers for its beautiful trails, surrounded by wild vegetation filled with native flowers and plants; largely untouched by urbanisation.

Located in the east of the San Pedro de Cartago municipality, this lot has been chosen from a collaborative group of families who work together to meticulously grow and process their coffees. This cooperative model gives way to a wealth of shared knowledge and experiences producing high quality lots of coffee which encapsulate the characteristics of Nariño.

Chimayoy Coffee Process

This washed lot of coffee has been fermented for 36 hours allowing for a longer development time for the flavour profile giving way to notes of dried citrus, aromatic sweet vanilla, and rich brown sugar. Expect a rich and sweet chocolatey cup balanced with a delicate acidity.