Portillas Cafe

Founded by husband and wife duo, Portilla’s cafe has direct roots in the farms we work with in Colombia, as well as an Irish heritage.

We are in a unique position where all of our farms are owned and worked by family members, or close friends. This has allowed us a greater insight into the world of coffee farming gaining valuable knowledge and experiences over the past number of years. It has allowed us the ability to input directly into the work of the farmers resulting in stronger, targeted reinvestment, support structures, and insight into the consumer market.

The Narino region of Colombia where we exclusively purchase from is renowned for the quality of its harvest. All of our coffee is farmed at 1700-2000 M.A.S.L. at this level the perfect climate of warm tropical days followed by cool nights allow for slower coffee bean development.

We work closely with our teams at origin all the way through the coffee harvest. From early planting in nurseries, right through to the rigorous quality control measures at the ‘Trilladora’ we ensure only the highest standards are carried out and maintained throughout the harvest. This results in a higher quality end product with significantly less defects.

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Our team of wonderful farmers in Colombia, producing the best coffee we have to offer.