The Farm at Finca El Derrumbo

El Derrumbo



About the Reyes Family

The El Derrumbo farm is owned by Mrs Esperanza Reyes, alongside her husband Carlos Lopez and their two daughters. Right in the heart of the community, the farmlands are only 15 minutes from the local town, and surrounded by properties of friends and family.

From no age, Esperanza had little interest in life in a busy city, so instead opted for the slower pace of countryside living. With a strong business mind, Esperanza quickly recognised the opportunity in coffee farming, and dedicated her working life to the craft.

After inheriting a single hectare farm, Esperanza purchased an additional hectare, and planted the castillo and colombia varietal - two of the most commonly found varietals in the region. On El Derrumbo, the coffee plants grow under the shade of banana, guamos, orange, and avocado trees which helps in keeping the soil healthy.

Coffee Cherry picking at Finca El Derrumbo

El Derrumbo Coffee Process

We are proudly offering this characteristic lot, which has been fermented for 48 hours allowing for the development of complex sugars and creating a smoother cup. Expect notes of bright red fruits, rich silky chocolate, as well as sweet caramel and aromatic vanilla.  Expect a beautifully sweet aftertaste, red apple acidity, and a satisfying medium body giving depth to the flavour.