The Farm at Finca La Soledad

La Soledad



About the Muñoz Family

Second generation coffee farmer Albeiro Solarte Muñoz brings us this beautiful lot from his two hectare farm, La Soledad. A true product of the family, Alberio's wife and four children all help on the farm.

Alberio Solarte's love for coffee was almost inherent, passed down to him by his parents in a home steeped in the culture of coffee farming. This shows up in his dedication to coffee, and has given him the confidence to experiment with new processes, in the pursuit of ever bettering the quality of his coffee.

La Soledad Coffee Process

La Soledad has been given an especially long fermentation time, spending 66 hours in sacks, still housed in its cherry, before another 30 hours, cherry removed, in a washed fermentation tank. The first 60+ hours make way for the wonderfully complex aniseed and cinnamon notes, while its washed fermentation brightens and cleans up the final cup, with a beautiful transparency of flavour.