The farm at Finca La Cerro


A member of the Badoz Family among their family coffee cherries



About the Badoz Family

Rosalba Badoz and her husband Hernando are generational farmers. They inherited the family farmland in 1979, and breathed new life into the soil by planting 7000 coffee trees.

For 30 years the farm has grown and cultivated Caturra, but in the last 10 years with their son Hernán at the helm, the Castillo varietal has been introduced to the farm. In Nariño, these two varietals continue to grow well year on year, with little to separate them in cup quality; Castillo however is more resistant to rust, offering farmers a little more security from harvest to harvest

El Cerro Coffee Process

El Cerro is hand picked, fully washed, and then fermented for 50+ hours in tanks, longer than would be traditional, giving it lots of time to allow the natural sugars to develop, creating a beautiful balance of bright, sweet and smooth with a clean finish. We are excited to share this beautiful lot from the El Cerro farm, with notes of mandarin orange, sweet caramel, and ripe peach. Expect a bright juicy coffee with a satisfying brown sugar sweetness. It has undergone an extended fermentation time in tanks giving the coffee a clean and bright finish in the cup.